17 intriguing quotations that serve as a narrative for the 2022 golf season

Golf has experienced a lot this year. A theatrical one, at the very least. Like any good drama, the scene was set with a variety of characters

who delivered their lines and played their roles in advancing the plot. Let's look at the major narrative elements of the year

and what they meant at the time now that the analogy has been tortured enough. It's becoming old for you to miss cuts. Kevin Na, 14 January

The golf world was simpler in January 2022. LIV was essentially a fanciful rumour that no one really thought would come to pass.

The PGA Tour is gearing up for another typical season, and Kevin Na and Grayson Murray's heated Twitter conversation was the topic of the month.

." Phil Mickelson on February 2 "It's terrifying to get connected with them. We are aware of their horrific human rights record and the fact that they murdered

Phil Mickelson, who is never one to hold his tongue, spent the first half of 2022 building the groundwork for his eventual switch to LIV Golf.

. The World Golf Hall of Fame first voiced his displeasure with the PGA Tour during an interview with Golf Digest's John Huggan at the Saudi Invitational.