I don't want to make this all about me, but I recently became a father, so I've been reflecting a lot. Any semi-coherent concept in my world also frequently involves golf.

Although I fear it, I would love for my daughter to enjoy golf. Too many junior golfers' enthusiasm for the sport has been stifled by their parents' well-intentioned golf addiction

, in my opinion. I sincerely hope I never have to be that parent. It made last week's PNC Championship on the ground a little more impactful. Here was a group of some of the best players in the game

who loved golf and had instilled a similar passion in their offspring. When I asked Tiger Woods what the secret was to being a successful

golf dad earlier this week, he responded, "I think that being a father in any sport is about being supportive and being encouraging." "As a parent, you always want to be their defender,

their leader, and the one who teaches them the life skills they will need when you aren't there. The most crucial aspect of parenting is hence that."

During the PNC Championship's final round, Shawn Spieth beams while playing with his son Jordan on the 18th green. Jared Benny Make a positive "environment"

Another participant in the PNC field was Jordan Spieth. I posed the same issue to him because he is a new father (kid Sammy is 13 months old)

said Spieth. "Put your child in situations where they can learn from other high-caliber people.