Scott has won on the PGA Tour 14 times and on the DP World Tour 11 times, from Augusta

Georgia, to his home country of Australia. from Scotland to Qatar. California to Florida He's been everywhere

like Johnny Cash for golf (though Scott would be the Man in Tan, rather than black.) Scott now has a perspective that few players can match thanks to his career.

The 2013 Masters champion isn't afraid to express his opinions, which is fortunate for fans.

He expressed his disapproval of the new format during the press conference on Tuesday

saying that while the board "tried to do the right thing and be extremely objective, just totally based off strength of field

top players "do not view the strength of field weighted the same way the numbers do.

He described the Masters Champions Dinner as "the best evening of the year" because Fred Couples "does a terrific job needling some of the older players into sharing anecdotes.

A wonderful tale of "Bernhard Langer getting sitting down" by former Augusta National chairman Billy Payne one night was even begun by Scott.