Cameron Smith is a professional golfer from Australia who has won 10 professional events, including the 2022 Open Championship.

He will allegedly join LIV Golf in September 2022 for a signing bonus of more than $100 million.

The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund is funding a new golf league called LIV Golf.

The league has been chastised for its links to the Saudi government, which is accused of human rights violations.

Smith has justified his choice to join LIV Golf, claiming that the guaranteed money and the ability to play in a more relaxed setting drew him in.

Here are some more specifics concerning Smith's choice to join LIV Golf: Smith was one of the league's most visible newcomers.

His departure was viewed as a big setback for the PGA Tour, which has struggled to compete with LIV Golf's financial clout.

Some have commended him for standing up for what he believes in, while others have chastised him for putting money before of principle.