The Disc Golf Network (DGN) is a streaming service that provides live and on-demand disc golf event footage.

The DGN is the exclusive home of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT), the world's top professional disc golf circuit.

DGN provides post-production coverage of certain disc golf tournaments, as well as unique disc golf programmes.

The DGN monthly subscription is $12.99, and there is also a yearly subscription option.

The DGN is available to subscribers on a range of platforms, including PCs, cellphones, tablets, and streaming media devices.

The DGN is a terrific place to watch live disc golf competitions, and it also has a tonne of additional stuff for disc golf lovers.

The DGN boasts an experienced crew of disc golf announcers and producers.

The streaming technology used by the DGN is cutting-edge, and the service provides high-quality video and audio.