Los Angeles, California Those who believed that Jon Rahm's on-course remarks against The American Express might

prevent the Spanish star from competing in the event this year were mistaken, according to Rahm, who insists that it was never a concern.

Rahm added, "For me, it's a tremendous tournament that has a lot of history with Arnie's legacy here as well.

Despite what I said on the golf course last year, I have always enjoyed my visits here. Just a player venting their frustration, there.

Last year, Rahm was caught walking from one hole to the next while claiming that the competition was a putting contest, along with some harsh language.

Later on, he clarified that the tournament pins are in places for the pro-am that don't emphasise powerful iron play, which is one of Rahm's talents, as much.

On the same three courses that were utilised this year and previous year, Rahm won the competition in 2018.

Determining the PGA Tour is important. After a turbulent 2022, Scottie Scheffler is pleased to have a voice in circuit decisions. This year, Scheffler is a member of the PGA Tour's Player Advisory Council.

With LIV, it was "sort of a clear deal" that some adjustments needed to be made in order to change up the tour