A golf course is a vast plot of ground with a sequence of holes, each having its own tee box, fairway, green, and cup.

The holes are set in a loop, and players begin at one hole and work their way around until they return to the beginning hole.

The objective of golf is to hit the ball into the hole as quickly as possible.

The number of strokes required for a skilled player to finish a hole is known as the par for that hole.

A typical golf course includes 18 holes, however there are other courses with 9 or less holes.

Golf courses are located all over the world in a variety of designs and sizes. Some golf courses are placed in natural environments, such as woods or mountains.

A golf course's length can vary widely, although most courses are between 500 and 7,000 yards long.

A staff of groundskeepers often maintains golf courses by mowing the grass, fertilising the plants, and removing debris from the course.