Golf fans who watch their beloved sport on television frequently complain that there are too many commercial breaks during important parts of the weekend programming.

The last hour of Sunday's programming of the Sentry Tournament of Champions on Golf Channel will be commercial-free thanks to an agreement with Callaway.

The story was first reported by Sports Business Journal, and it has subsequently been confirmed by Golfweek.

The Sentry Tournament of Champions is broadcast on Golf Channel on all four days, and on NBC on Saturday and Sunday. It can also be viewed on streaming sites ESPN+ and Peacock.

This week, though, the transition from cable to network TV is reversed. The over-the-air coverage on NBC or CBS usually follows the initial portion of coverage on Golf Channel.

The first two hours of the Sentry's weekend TV coverage are on NBC from 4 to 6 p.m. ET, while the final two hours are on Golf Channel

from 6 to 8 p.m. ET. Both the Peacock stream and the last hour of television will be commercial-free.

In the future, there might be more Sunday PGA Tour programming without commercial interruptions, according to Sports Business Journal.

Lead NBC producer Tommy Roy told the publication: "Whenever we can have commercial-free golf, we do it.