Even if they choose to venture out into the open, you can remain comfortable in warm temperatures or cool through the winter.

In contrast to traditional mini-golf, we play in the open air year-round rain or shine.

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Our patio is placed on top of each level so it is about 20-30 degrees warmer.

nothing can prevent an excellent time at Topgolf, not even rain or snow.

Even if it's an extreme weather occasion

with fans for the summer and heaters for the winter.

Our facilities are all-weather facilities with covered hitting bays outfitted

Topgolf is a 65,000-ft. space with 102 climate-controlled hitting bays on three levels.

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which has a state-of-the-art driving range that is heated roughly 20 degrees above the average indoor temperature.

Keep your golf game sharp during the winter at Topgolf,

You can also have lessons or have a party at Topgolf.

The bays are equipped with tables and serve food and drinks to you.