Justice Department Antitrust Inquiry

The Justice Department is investigating whether men s golf sets of an anticompetitive basis has arisen from its dealings with the LIV Golf.

The breakaway Saudi-backed professional circuit. DORAL, Florida  The Justice Department s antitrust investigation on the development of professional golf.

Consists of  men can no longer feel superior as a result of a former circuit funded by Saudi Arabia  sovereign wealth fund.

Come to assimilate the founders of some of the most venerable and noteworthy tournaments on the planet, as indicated to those in the know. The United States Golf Association.

which administers the U.S. Open, declared on Wednesday. That the Justice Department had contacted it in connection with an investigation.

Augusta National Golf Club, which organizes the Masters Tournament. But the P.G.A. Of the U.S.A., which controls the championship, has drawn the attention of antitrust officials.

The federal case is also developing alongside a parallel civil lawsuit filed in California by LIV Golf, the debut of the new Saudi-backed series.