I pulled up to Los Verdes Golf Course as the light was just beginning to rise over the Pacific Ocean

I grinned as I inhaled deeply of the clean ocean air. I had arrived and was playing on one of California's most renowned golf courses

I had been anticipating this day for some weeks. From the complex layout to the breathtaking seaside vistas

I had heard nothing but good things about Los Verdes. I was eager to witness it for myself. At the pro shop

I registered and leased a set of clubs. I warmed up there before heading outside to the practice range. I couldn't help but look out at the water while I hit balls

The light was reflecting off the lake as the waves crashed against the rocks below. It was spectacular in every way

I warmed up before going to the first tee. I inhaled deeply and began to play. I grinned as my ball rolled down the fairway. I had a successful start

I felt fantastic and managed to play the first nine holes in even par. The education lived up to and exceeded my expectations