The PGA Championship is one of the four major golf tournaments, and it has the most prize money of any of them

The overall purse for the 2023 PGA Championship was $17.5 million, a $2.5 million increase over the previous year

The winner's share of the reward was $3.15 million, a $1 million increase over the previous year.

Payout Structure The following was the payout structure for the 2023 PGA Championship: $3.15 million was won. The runner-up received $1.54 million.

$1.2 million was awarded for third place. $900,000 is the fourth-place prize. Fifth position: $720,000

Payouts on the High Side The 2023 PGA Championship payment system was particularly top-heavy, with the top 10 finishers collecting more than half of the entire cash

Factors Influencing Prize Money Increases Golf's rising popularity Sponsorship money is growing. Golf organizations’ rising competitiveness

The Advantages of a Large Prize Purse It is a significant incentive for golfers to play in the competition. It aids in attracting the world's finest golfers to the competition.