Cleveland, Ohio The well-known Rawiga Golf Club, located immediately south of the Department of Veterans Affairs complex

has been acquired by Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery. The 156-acre course's $1.69 million purchase secures space for future growth of Western Reserve,

according to Cemetery Director Jesse Getz, and also ensures the golf course's continued operation.

According to Medina County auditor records, the transfer of the golf course took place on October 4.

This added more than 150 acres to the 273-acre Western Reserve, one of only two national cemetery in Ohio.

Because we lease it back to the golf club, it benefits both the veterans and the government, he claimed. "Whether for 10 or 20 years."

Getz claimed that the 2000-opened cemetery, which currently houses 49,503 graves, would have soon run out of room.

About 30 acres of the cemetery's Phase III development, which will take ten years, are still open for new graves.

The purpose of the 164 national cemeteries spread across the United States and its territories is largely to honour war soldiers and their families.