As the U.S. Speaker of the house for the PGA tour now, Rory McIlroy press conferences are quite dissimilar.

He is asked questions of a lower order regarding tour credibility and policies than about his golf swing or how he feels about his wedge game.

McIlroy is often asked to defend the Tour de France, to respond to criticisms made within the world of golf, and to imagine the future by emulating the

Golf has never altered its schedule more than pro golf to keep up with when NFL games are played.

The FedEx Cup kept the Tour busy so that it wouldn't be without its season finale while sports fans are glued to RedZone.

I think we need to get to our objectives before it’s oversaturated, he continued. I wish we were to return to January and need people who missed out on watching competing golf.

I don't think people are enthusiastic about watching competitive golf in 47 events. I'm not claiming we won't play golf in the fall, but it's generally a more worldly genre of golf in the fall.