Sam Torrance, a stalwart of the Ryder Cup, thinks that Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, is 'out to get' his main competition,

the PGA Tour. LIV and the PGA Tour have been engaged in a strong competition since LIV's launch in June.

The Saudi-backed series has tried to entice some of the biggest stars in the game with its huge signing-on fees and large prize pools.

While LIV claims that its goal is to "develop the game," many in the sport are not entirely convinced.

Greg Norman, the boss of the Saudi-sponsored series, has come under fire for being unpredictable. A number of well-known athletes, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy,

Australian to resign so that the PGA Tour and breakaway circuit may coexist happily. As a result, Torrance attributes the rift in the sport brought on by these two recently

We all love golf, and we hate to see it in such disarray, he stated in a statement to The Scotsman. He [Norman] has a grievance against the PGA Tour.

Norman has told his detractors, particularly Woods and McIlroy, that he will not be leaving anytime soon despite the requests for him to step away.