Golf Forever, a premier at-home golf fitness training system, has announced a new relationship with the Veteran Golfers Association (VGA)

The collaboration gives VGA members access to Golf Forever’s equipment and training programs, as well as savings on products and services

Golf forever is a golf fitness system that may be used at home to improve flexibility, core strength, balance, and rotational power

The system comprises a weighted club, balancing board, and resistance band, as well as training programs to improve swing mechanics and general fitness

Dr. Jeremy James, founder of Golf Forever, expressed excitement about the collaboration and the ability to help veterans with their goods and services

The Veterans Golf Association (VGA) is a nationwide organization that sponsors over 450 local events for veterans each autumn, culminating in the VGA nationwide Championship.

The collaboration with Golf Forever gives veterans the opportunity to enhance their golf game and overall wellness

Access to Golf Forever’s equipment and training programs can assist veterans in meeting fitness objectives while also enjoying the game of golf

The VGA is committed to improving the lives of veterans and their families through golf by providing programs and services