The PGA Tour, the world's largest professional golf circuit, and LIV Golf, a Saudi-funded upstart, have decided to work together, causing debate within the sport.

LIV Golf debuted in late 2021, with financial backing from the Saudi royal wealth fund, and offered big rewards and guaranteed payments to recruit PGA Tour players

LIV Golf attempted to deviate from traditional golf conventions by employing a more modern and dynamic approach, such as shorter tournaments

team matches, and laxer clothing restrictions. Prior to the alignment, players had to resign from the PGA Tour or face suspension

and fines in order to join LIV Golf, resulting in legal fights between the two leagues.

LIV Golf was accused by critics as being a distraction technique for the Saudi government's human rights record, while LIV supporters said the PGA Tour

utilized coercion to preserve its monopoly in professional golf. The latest arrangement creates a new corporation dubbed "NewCo" that unites the assets of the PGA Tour

LIV Golf, and the DP World Tour, ushering in major changes to golf's governance.